Sex and health

Sex isn’t just good, it’s good for you! Mounting evidence suggest that sex keeps us healthy, the more you have it the better off you are. It’s a proven fact that healthy people have more sex, some of the potential benefits of sex are:

  1. Sex is anti depression and anti stress; release of orgasm provides instant relief and provides excellent sleep. A recent survey reveals that people using condom during sex display more signs of depression than those having skin to skin sex.
  2. Orgasm is as powerful pain killer as any prescribed drugs.
  3. A recent study reveals that women who have oral sex and swallow sperm have lower chances of high blood pressure.
  4. Sex helps protection against stroke.
  5. Frequent ejaculation decreases the risk of prostate cancer; it doesn’t matter how you reach the climax (masturbation or sex).
  6. Sex is a helping hand in healing wounds faster.
  7. Sex is a form of exercise and like all exercises it helps you burn calories.

Failure in bed!

All sexual dysfunction have medical cause so don’t feel humiliated while discussing sexual failure with your doctor. Diabetes, liver or kidney disease, drug abuse, smoking and excessive alcohol can lead to erectile dysfunction. Share your problem openly with the doctor, he will guide you and tell you about the recommended prescription drugs. Don’t get strangled into myths related to erectile dysfunction, don’t feel yourself incomplete. Online prescription drugs like Cialis and Viagra can help your cause.

Cialis Professional: If you want to convert a tender moment into a right moment cialis will definitely help your cause. It is a proven ED tablet; it is effective as well as fast. Discuss your health status with your doctor and if you feel that it is the proper time check out the 36- hour cialis.

Viagra: “An empty nest is a chance to fall in love all over again”. Viagra helps you achieve hard erection, it maintains erection during sex, and it’s safe as well as fast. Since reading the Sunday paper doesn’t take whole day so just go for Viagra.

Hearten your sexual instinct, feel sexcited, gain sexperience, convert your Sundays into fun days because there isn’t a surrogate for sex.

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If you are facing problems in keeping an erection and are concerned about it then don’t get worked-up, instead it would work positively for you if you kept your mind stress free. Constant anxiety over your failure to keep an erection will only add to your problems as well as keep you away from enjoying any kind of sexual activity. It is best to understand that erection problems are normal in men who are sexually active. This is to say that almost every man suffers from an erection problem at some point in his sexual life. You should not bother much if you experience a one-off case where you are unable to enjoy sex because of a failure to maintain an erection. However, in case you face problems in sustaining an erection quite frequently then it certainly demands attention. Again, you don’t need to worry because there are effective treatment options available such as Viagra professional that helps men maintain an erection sufficiently long enough to complete sexual activity.

In case, you face erection problems on rare occasions, then you must analyze your state of mind at that point in time. For instance, failure to keep an erection could be a result of fatigue, stress, lack of sleep or simply because you were not in a mood to enjoy sexual activity. Sometimes, men fail to keep an erection because they are afraid of impregnating their partner or becoming infected with sexually transmitted diseases when having unprotected sex. If you are unable to keep an erection because of any of the above stated reasons then you can easily overcome your problem. All you need to do is take adequate rest, practice meditation or any other stress-busting technique if you are too stressed out for sex and use a condom so that you can enjoy safe sex. And most importantly, make sure that you and your partner are in a mood to indulge in sexual activity.

If you are consistently unable to achieve or maintain an erection long enough to complete sexual activity, then it is possible that you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction – a condition that affects elderly men more often because of a number of psychological or physiological factors. It would be in your interest to get a thorough medical examination done to form a correct diagnosis. If the doctor confirms erectile dysfunction, he may recommend you Viagra Sildenafil. Viagra is one of the most popular erectile dysfunction treatment drugs. Your doctor will suggest an appropriate dosage of Viagra which you must take at least one hour before sex. Canadian Viagra will help you keep an erection long enough to enjoy sexual intercourse.

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