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I have just met up with a long time friend of mine, only to find he had spent time in hospital undergoing surgery after a diagnosis of bowel cancer. My friend Tom, whose knowledge about cancer of the colon was limited, naturally accepted all the treatments recommended by his health professional.

Tom had surgery in which they removed a section of his colon and his surgeon informed him afterwards that he had got it all. What Tom wasn’t told was they had got all the cancer they could see but because individual cancer cells are only visible through a microscope there were possibly thousands of rogue cells left behind. He also wasn’t told the surgical removal of cancer doesn’t address the reasons why the cancer first grew so it won’t stop it growing again in the future or shifting to another location.

Tom asked about a change in diet, could it help but was told he needn’t make any as they didn’t think what he had eaten had anything to do with his cancer. Nobody knew to tell him, the most powerful weapon to overcome any cancer is the food you choose to eat everyday. He also should have been told the connection between refined sugar and cancer. It had been discovered back in 19:31 that cancer cells survive by a process of fermentation and the food item that fuels this process is sugar. Eating refined sugar when you have cancer is like pouring gasoline onto a smouldering fire, it accelerates its growth.

He asked about exercise and once again got a negative response. We need exercise everyday to keep our immune system healthy. All cancers are a disease of a weak immune system which has been weakened by the way we live, especially with our sedentary lifestyle. Our immune system needs muscular activity to keep it working efficiently because it doesn’t have a pump like the heart. So with a sluggish immune system it’s not going to remove any cancer cells as they reappear again in the future.

There are many other important pieces of information my friend needed to know to aid his recovery and it’s a sad fact that our medical professionals who are in charge of our health and healing don’t know these facts. That’s why doctors get cancer as well and we have had a few examples here where I live. Their treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy only attack the cancer growths and do nothing for the long term survival of any cancer patient.

All cancers were a rare occurrence 40 to 50 years ago where as today 1 in 3 people living in an industrialised country are being diagnosed with the problem. Cancer has many causes and it’s not hard to find these causes when you carry out research into the cancer industry. Also our 3 orthodox treatments all damage the immune system, the very mechanism that keeps us health, disease free and cancer free.

The problem of getting information about cancer lies with the training of our health professionals. They are solely taught drug based medicine which is only a money orientated system of treatments. Also we don’t have cancer prevention today and that is why it is growing at an alarming rate.

Alan Wighton

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