The greatest hair loss treatment: tattooing!

Convenient instructions.

Nice breakfast, sausage, fried eggs and fried brains.

“What was I thinking (when I had this tattoo done)”?

Sorry, no ‘coments’.

Nice moustache! I wonder how he shaves?

A brain revealed by a picture of a peeled back tuna can. WTF?

Street Fight Ryu head tattoo

This tattoo has a “stylized alien scull, a padlock beneath the scull, and an 8-ball along with flaming dice on either side of the padlock”. According to the owner of them, “they weren’t that painful”. It doesn’t look that way.

Nice smile!

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Did your mother ever chastise you with the words ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ in a possibly fruitless attempt to curb your profligate ways? Well, maybe – just maybe – she was wrong. There are places in England where money apparently does just that.

Perhaps it is to simply good luck or perhaps people believe that by leaving a coin in the bark of the tree they may have it returned to them many times over. Whatever the origins of this strange habit, there are a number of trees in the United Kingdom that bear the financial hopes of many. Perhaps they found it difficult to reconcile their gross habits with their net income.

The people of Yorkshire, in the north of England are renowned for being careful with their money. While this localized stereotype may not always be fair there is evidence that on occasion they are willing to throw caution to the wind and hammer their low denomination coinage in to trees. The good folk of Ingleton in North Yorkshire have some of the most stunning woodlands in the country and the local waterfalls trail has something other to offer than the sight of the wet stuff cascading in a picturesque way.

Close up it seems as if the coins have almost merged with the wood, but that is the effect of the weather upon the metal. Some suggest that the reason money is pushed in to the bark is more than just a desire to increase one’s wealth. It is thought that the amount of coins pushed in by an individual may result in them producing the same amount of children when their natural fecundity discovers a partner. The tree itself, though long since alive, has come to bear a marked resemblance to the torso of some sort of lizard, the coins becoming its scales. It is almost Arthurian in its strangeness.

You do not even have to leave the county to see another tree which is pitted with hundreds of coins. Bolton Abbey, famous for the wonderful ruins of a twelfth century priory also has its own money tree. The fact that two trees of the same kind are found in the same county may well say something about its inhabitants. If perhaps you are of the opinion that money can do anything, you might after all be accused of doing anything for money. Perhaps those visiting these trees would have been better off simply putting a little money away in a savings account each month. In a year they would be surprised at how little they have.

It is said that if all the rich people in the world divided their money up between themselves then there almost certainly would not be enough to go around. Perhaps wishing for money is one thing, but getting it is another. As they say, when the gods wish to punish us, then they give us what we want. Cicero, way back before the Christian era said that endless money created the sinews of war – and nothing is truer than that two thousand years later.

If you are ever taken on a jaunt to Cumbria then you should not forget to visit Ambleside over the Kirkstone Pass. Aira Force, again the site of a beautiful waterfall – one of the best known waterfalls in the Lake District in fact – is home to yet another money tree. If Poirot was around today he would perhaps be profiling those people who use trees for this sort of decoration. Firstly, the north of England, secondly they generally seem to be close to waterfalls. Throw in a good murder mystery and you might well have the basis of a Christie-esque novel.

Dovedale in Derbyshire is the home of the one above – so the plot thickens. Owned by the National Trust in the UK, it annually attracts over a million visitors to its beautiful scenery. And strangely enough, a river runs through it. The plot thickens. If you happen to go there in hunt of the money tree, don’t forget that you can also see the famous caves known as the Dove Holes, which sound something like a SM heavy metal band, but there you go.

Teesdale is a somewhat colder place than the rest of those which have money trees. It is in a valley on the east side of the Pennine mountains in England. It is an official AONB in the UK – an Area Of Outstanding Beauty. The River Tees rises below the highest river, Cross Fell and although within England the local climate is classified as sub-arctic. Snow has been known to fall there in June. Whatever the reasons people have stuck coins in these trees, one can only hope that the wish they made when they did it come true. One can only hope it was not for wealth as that has been seen to fail to make people happy as readily as poverty.

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Symptoms of Bloody Nipples:

Some runners, usually men, get chafed or bleeding nipples, which can be extremely painful. You’ll feel a burning, stinging sensation and see blood on your shirt.

Causes of Bloody Nipples:

When men run, their nipples are constantly rubbing against their shirt. Over the course of a run (especially a long one), this sensitive area can be rubbed to the point of bleeding. It most frequently happens when a man runs in a cotton shirt because the rough material rubs the nipples raw. Because women wear tight-fitting sports bras, this shouldn’t be an issue for them.

Prevention of Bloody Nipples:

Some men learn the hard way how painful it can be, but it’s actually very easy to avoid that problem. Generously apply a lubricant like Vaseline or Body Glide to the nipple area before a long run and you should be fine. Some men will also wear products such as Nip Guards or Band-aids to protect the nipples. Also, for longer runs, make sure that you wear a synthetic-material (Dri-Fit, not cotton) shirt closest to your body. Cotton shirts will cause chafing. Women should make sure their sports bras are not cotton.

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Creative uses of bus, subway and door handles in advertising campaigns by various companies.

Pantene Door Handle

Creative poster with a real plait hanging from the back of a head was stuck on the doors of malls, supermarkets and beauty salons in India. The plait served as the door handle and each time patrons ‘pulled’ the hair handle, the core benefit of Pantene was demonstrated.

Harley Davidson Bus Handle

Motorbike handles were mounted in buses in Switzerland to announce the arrival of new Harley models.

Gard Shampoo Bus Handles

Clever bus handles promoting Gard active strong shampoo in Frankfurt, Germany.

Amnesty International Bus Handles

Eight bus lines in Hamburg, Germany run this creative advertising campaign against the death penalty.

Pepsi Bus Handle

Cool handle advertising campaign for Pepsi was featured on 3400 buses throughout USA.

Hankook Tires Bus Handle

Tire-shaped handles emphasize stability and grip of Hankook Tires.

Neck Tie Subway Handles

Tie subway train handles advertising loan company in Tokyo, Japan.

Fitness Company Subway Handle

Clever marketing campaign for the Fitness Company in Germany.

Abused Bus Handles

Creative advertising campaign against domestic abuse in Indonesia.

Big Pilot Watch Bus Handles

Bus riders in Berlin got to try IWC’s Big Pilot’s watch mid-commute because bus straps have been fashioned into samplers.

Tyskie Beer Door Handles

Beer mug stickers were installed behind doors of restaurants, pubs and shops as a part of creative Tyskie beer advertising campaign.

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If you are facing problems in keeping an erection and are concerned about it then don’t get worked-up, instead it would work positively for you if you kept your mind stress free. Constant anxiety over your failure to keep an erection will only add to your problems as well as keep you away from enjoying any kind of sexual activity. It is best to understand that erection problems are normal in men who are sexually active. This is to say that almost every man suffers from an erection problem at some point in his sexual life. You should not bother much if you experience a one-off case where you are unable to enjoy sex because of a failure to maintain an erection. However, in case you face problems in sustaining an erection quite frequently then it certainly demands attention. Again, you don’t need to worry because there are effective treatment options available such as Viagra professional that helps men maintain an erection sufficiently long enough to complete sexual activity.

In case, you face erection problems on rare occasions, then you must analyze your state of mind at that point in time. For instance, failure to keep an erection could be a result of fatigue, stress, lack of sleep or simply because you were not in a mood to enjoy sexual activity. Sometimes, men fail to keep an erection because they are afraid of impregnating their partner or becoming infected with sexually transmitted diseases when having unprotected sex. If you are unable to keep an erection because of any of the above stated reasons then you can easily overcome your problem. All you need to do is take adequate rest, practice meditation or any other stress-busting technique if you are too stressed out for sex and use a condom so that you can enjoy safe sex. And most importantly, make sure that you and your partner are in a mood to indulge in sexual activity.

If you are consistently unable to achieve or maintain an erection long enough to complete sexual activity, then it is possible that you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction – a condition that affects elderly men more often because of a number of psychological or physiological factors. It would be in your interest to get a thorough medical examination done to form a correct diagnosis. If the doctor confirms erectile dysfunction, he may recommend you Viagra Sildenafil. Viagra is one of the most popular erectile dysfunction treatment drugs. Your doctor will suggest an appropriate dosage of Viagra which you must take at least one hour before sex. Canadian Viagra will help you keep an erection long enough to enjoy sexual intercourse.

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