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Symptoms of Bloody Nipples:

Some runners, usually men, get chafed or bleeding nipples, which can be extremely painful. You’ll feel a burning, stinging sensation and see blood on your shirt.

Causes of Bloody Nipples:

When men run, their nipples are constantly rubbing against their shirt. Over the course of a run (especially a long one), this sensitive area can be rubbed to the point of bleeding. It most frequently happens when a man runs in a cotton shirt because the rough material rubs the nipples raw. Because women wear tight-fitting sports bras, this shouldn’t be an issue for them.

Prevention of Bloody Nipples:

Some men learn the hard way how painful it can be, but it’s actually very easy to avoid that problem. Generously apply a lubricant like Vaseline or Body Glide to the nipple area before a long run and you should be fine. Some men will also wear products such as Nip Guards or Band-aids to protect the nipples. Also, for longer runs, make sure that you wear a synthetic-material (Dri-Fit, not cotton) shirt closest to your body. Cotton shirts will cause chafing. Women should make sure their sports bras are not cotton.

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