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Alexa Meade could be the greatest prank artist alive or just the best body painter. What I would give to see a walking, talking painting on the mean streets of Toronto, like that badass old man on a crowded subway car.

What Alexa Meade does is paints on her subjects in the traditional style of the acrylic paintings. So all of her subjects look like escaped characters of old painting. I wonder if she could bring Picasso’s artwork to life too?

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Norman Rockwell’s rosy illustrations of small town American life looked so photographic because his method was to copy photographs that he conceived and meticulously directed, working with various photographers and using friends and neighbors as his models.

“The Runaway” (1958) is one example from the recently published Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera (Little, Brown and Company, 2009). More about Rockwell’s photo realism, including an image gallery, is currently on NPR’s web site.

The Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusettes is also hosting an exhibition, and according to NPR, will put Rockwell’s digitized photographic archive online at the end of the year.

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Are you ready to go out with the new one…

animal style

hair style

women hair style

new hair style

women animal hair

funny hair style

animal hair art

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 virtual museum of Mexico

The stucco head of a young Maya noble with a deformed skull. Found in the burial chamber of Lord Pakal in the Temple of the Inscriptions of Palenque.

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MATTER Pierre - Scalaire

French artist Pierre Matter has a steampunk sensibility when he pounds out these copper sculptures, exploring Gothic themes while mixing up man and machine in a postmodern maelstrom. He’s been creating these crazy sculptures for the past couple of decades out of copper, aluminum, resin and other metals, and the suckers are big—some weighing more than 1.5 tons.

Le clone

Rhino’s head

These sculptures are not something you’d want to have sitting in your living room, but the prize-winning work has been deemed good enough to occupy prestigious galleries around the world. Speaking of galleries, click through our gallery below for more examples of Matter’s work, some of which might be NSFW if you’re working in a church or nursery school.

L’oiseau du temps

Tête a tête

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