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 Two Russian bankers’ sons were involved in a major car accident in downtown Moscow on Saturday when their Ferrari sports car hit three parked cars. The driver of the car escaped uninjured however the passenger suffered major injuries.



ferrari crash


The incident took place at 8pm Moscow time when the driver of the speeding Ferrari lost control of the vehicle and smashed into a parked Landrover, which then crashed into a BMW and a Honda parked nearby, Russian media reports.


 ferrari modena 360 crash


ferrari crash


The driver of the 2006 grey Ferrari and the passenger, both aged 20, were the sons of top managers of a Moscow bank, a Moscow law enforcement official said. The father of one of the boys quickly arrived at the scene of the accident in his Mazeratti.

While the Ferrari’s passenger was badly injured, the driver came out of the accident without a scratch. A rescue worker attributed this to the modern airbag of the vehicle:


We realized we were dealing with a supercar when our hydraulic release mechanism failed to tear the door off – we had to cut the metal piece by piece to get to the injured man who was then taken to hospital,” the rescuer said.

russian banker son

He added that it was the first Ferrari accident in Moscow that had required rescue assistance. The Ferrari involved in the accident has a price tag of around $460,000 in Moscow car showrooms.

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