Dutch designer Tim Vinke portable office concept packs all your office furniture into a portable two-wheel cart. Take Kruikantoor apart and you’ll end up with a shelf, a desktop, a chair for yourself and another to entertain business or personal contacts. A power strip that resolves into one extension cord out of the unit is on hand for your equipment.

No info on weight and durability was available as of this writing.

Kruikantoor might be the right thing for entrepreneurs who haven’t raised enough capital for office space. Though we doubt any coffee shop would eagerly welcome hordes of these carts into their premises.

Whatever the case, the portable office needs an improvement or two—gear towards true mobility and independence.

For instance, instead of relying on external power, maybe the desk can come with its own battery supply, rechargeable after an entire day of productivity? Most probably the only thing Kruikantoor will power are laptops and other low-power items like cell phones and media players—there’s simply no space for heavy-duty items like printers and desktops.

On top of that, why not equip the desk with its own 3.5G or 4G hardware? This would allow users to go online, without looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot to leech off from.

Kruikantoor is clearly in the mock-up stages, so we might have to wait for a while (or forever) for the product to hit the market.

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Mexican security forces have seized 31 gold and silver-plated, diamond-incrusted guns believed to belong to allies of the powerful Sinaloa drug gang, prosecutors said on Monday.

The weapons, including machine guns and assault rifles with sparkling grips, were also engraved with the words ‘Lobo Valencia,’ a nickname for Oscar Orlando Nava Valencia, the alleged leader of the Valencia gang, the Attorney General’s office said in a statement.

Security forces also found four shot guns, more than 700 cartridges and a small amount of marijuana, jewellery and documents containing Valencia’s name in a storage room in an apartment building in Zapopan, in western Jalisco state.

Nava Valencia has worked with Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, the fugitive leader of the Sinaloa gang who is Mexico’s most wanted man, the statement said.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last year estimated that Mexico’s drug gangs make around $25 billion (S$34.3 billion) each year from smuggling drugs into the United States, but many experts believe the profits are much higher.

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Sex and health

Sex isn’t just good, it’s good for you! Mounting evidence suggest that sex keeps us healthy, the more you have it the better off you are. It’s a proven fact that healthy people have more sex, some of the potential benefits of sex are:

  1. Sex is anti depression and anti stress; release of orgasm provides instant relief and provides excellent sleep. A recent survey reveals that people using condom during sex display more signs of depression than those having skin to skin sex.
  2. Orgasm is as powerful pain killer as any prescribed drugs.
  3. A recent study reveals that women who have oral sex and swallow sperm have lower chances of high blood pressure.
  4. Sex helps protection against stroke.
  5. Frequent ejaculation decreases the risk of prostate cancer; it doesn’t matter how you reach the climax (masturbation or sex).
  6. Sex is a helping hand in healing wounds faster.
  7. Sex is a form of exercise and like all exercises it helps you burn calories.

Failure in bed!

All sexual dysfunction have medical cause so don’t feel humiliated while discussing sexual failure with your doctor. Diabetes, liver or kidney disease, drug abuse, smoking and excessive alcohol can lead to erectile dysfunction. Share your problem openly with the doctor, he will guide you and tell you about the recommended prescription drugs. Don’t get strangled into myths related to erectile dysfunction, don’t feel yourself incomplete. Online prescription drugs like Cialis and Viagra can help your cause.

Cialis Professional: If you want to convert a tender moment into a right moment cialis will definitely help your cause. It is a proven ED tablet; it is effective as well as fast. Discuss your health status with your doctor and if you feel that it is the proper time check out the 36- hour cialis.

Viagra: “An empty nest is a chance to fall in love all over again”. Viagra helps you achieve hard erection, it maintains erection during sex, and it’s safe as well as fast. Since reading the Sunday paper doesn’t take whole day so just go for Viagra.

Hearten your sexual instinct, feel sexcited, gain sexperience, convert your Sundays into fun days because there isn’t a surrogate for sex.

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Russia exports a lot of armaments and military equipments to other countries. Some more countries would like to buy it too but their budgets can’t afford them to do this, so Russian engineers have created a full set of fake weaponry for some countries. If you are a military leader of some not-so-rich country you can be as cool as your more wealthy neighbors. It would be just like a real thing for the foreign satellites or spy-planes, just bring it to the place, inflate and you are done.

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Alexa Meade could be the greatest prank artist alive or just the best body painter. What I would give to see a walking, talking painting on the mean streets of Toronto, like that badass old man on a crowded subway car.

What Alexa Meade does is paints on her subjects in the traditional style of the acrylic paintings. So all of her subjects look like escaped characters of old painting. I wonder if she could bring Picasso’s artwork to life too?

See More Alexa Meade Portfolio

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